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Опубликовано: 24.09.2019

Call to Action buttons “CTA”. What are they for?

Call to Action buttons “CTA”. What are they for?
The main element on any website is a call to action button.

The main element on any website is a call to action button. The sales and success of your business in the digital world depend on how the CTA buttons will be located and where they will be leading. CTA (call-to-action) buttons help you to achieve the desired business goals.

The CTA buttons help you to increase your conversion, attract new customers and achieve more interactivity on your website, which directly leads to a purchase of your product or service.

There is a lot of types of CTAs.

For example: 

  • getting a call
  • making a purchase
  • seeking advice
  • purchasing a free gift, etc. 

All of these actions directly affect the income of your business, or increase the customer's loyalty to your brand or to your personal brand.

A CTA button should be clearly visible for users and attract as much attention as possible so that a user wants to click on it. We always study the color palette of the websites we are working on to select the most suitable accent colours for the CTA buttons.

If you carefully thought about the actions that your users should perform on your website and you have a well thought CTA buttons, then you will have a high chance of high conversion and therefore you will get better sales from your web resource.

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