Promotion of your website

Why do you need
a qualitative

Increase sales

The main goal of any business is a sale of its services or goods. Without competent advancement, this goal is either not achievable, or a considerable amount of time will pass till you can achieve a good amount of sales. Our goal is to develop and implement a strategy for the development of your business in the digital field.

Reach of audience

The Internet provides a huge advantage for business, with proper SEO promotion, properly configured contextual advertising, you can get more clicks. If you do not promote your website, you lose a customer traffic.

Company’s growth

By increasing your audience reach you scale your company, which will increase your profits accordingly and provide more opportunities for further development.

Advertising is the engine

Does demand create supply or supply create demand? This is a difficult question, but you need to correctly and intelligibly convey to your potential customers about your product or service using contextual advertising.


Competitor analysis
The basis of a successful promotion and profitable advertising campaign is the analysis of your competitors. In conjunction with our experience and data obtained, we develop a unique strategy for the development and promotion of your business.
Audience allocation target
Getting to your target audience guarantees the growth of sales and awareness of your brand on the Internet. We scrupulously analyse the data, highlighting exactly your target customers. This will allow you to save a budget and allocate it in the right way.
Initial setting of advertising campaigns
At this stage, we summarise all of the information received, set up an advertising campaign to assess the accuracy of the chosen direction. This is not a fully finished and running campaign, this is the first step towards your business success.
Testing and optimisation of an advertising campaign
By launching a primary campaign, we continue to collect information, statistics, refusals, obtain data on a price per each visitor, optimise advertisements, expand the list of keywords, and try to minimise costs to the lowest.
Advertising campaign
Even the most high-quality advertising campaign requires close attention and timely adjustments. We receive daily statistics, do daily analysis, monitor the actions of your main competitors and make the necessary changes to maintain the campaign's level.
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