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Turnkey website development

Why do you
need a website

Increase your sales

Content availability, meticulously crafted sales structure, website design focused on increasing conversions – a great website will help open new revenue streams.

Earn recognition

High-quality websites help earn customers’ trust. Rest assured that if you order a website from us, your clients won’t think twice about ordering from you.

Stand out

In addition to a unique sales proposition, you have to have a great website to make your business stand out from the competition.

Make them know you exist

In today’s world, more and more of your potential customers turn to their search engines to find the product they are looking for. Without a website, you lose a great opportunity to monetize those searches.
I need a website!


Business analysis
In the first stage of website development, we analyze your competition.
This lays the groundwork for your websites concept, design and development.
In this stage, we develop the base structure of interaction with the visitor and arrange the main blocks of information into a concise layout, thus creating an outline of your website.
Unique design
The third stage encompasses the development of a custom design without any template solutions. Design that will highlight your competitive advantages and set you apart from your competitors. Every design solution developed by us addresses the main issues of your business directly.
Cross-Browser web development
In the following stage, we lay down the HTML structure of your website, insert page elements according to our design and develop features for increased interactivity. We take browser-specific optimization into account to ensure its full accessibility on every platform - safeguarding you from losing potential customers.
Adaptation for mobile use
According to statistics, more than 60% of browser requests originate from mobile devices, which necessitates an adaptable website. In this stage, we create versions of your website adapted for mobile use to further increase its accessibility.
CMS integration
We connect a content management system to your website and develop the necessary functionality to drive its features. We begin the website’s SEO optimization, connect web analytics tools and set conversion goals.
Website testing
After the whole development of your website, we test the functionality and web development on various web-systems, browsers, and devices to detect possible errors to quickly fix them. As a result of testing, you get a fully functional website that will be hosted on your hosting and tied up to your unique domain.
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