Identity development

Why does your
business need
an identity

Strong brand

Any company must have its own corporate identity. In business, the recognition and identification of the brand is very important. A competently designed corporate identity will allow a company to become recognisable in the market.

Customer’s trust

Qualitatively made visual components of any brand allows you to gain the trust and loyalty of your customers. Trust is the key to a successful business and great customer interest. With the bigger number of loyal clients, you will be able to increase your sales drastically.


An identity will help your customers to easily identify your brand and decide in favour of your company. A properly selected corporate identity will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Steps to success

The corporate identity of your company could allow you to reach a new level in business. People tend to make a choice in favour of the brands with the best identity and style. The high-quality visual packaging of your company is the key to success.


Analysis and study
In the first stage of developing a qualitative corporate identity for your company, you need to analyse your competitors. This stage lays the basic concept and direction of developing your style and positioning the company in the market. This is the most important stage in the development process of any corporate identity.
Creating logo sketches
Before we make the final version of your logo, we need to make several variants of sketches and understand which direction we will move to develop a unique logo.
The first options of a concept
After the logo sketches are ready, we will develop three of the most successful concepts for your logo. This will allow you to take a part in the development of fundamental elements of a corporate style and choose your favourite version of the logo's concept.
A final version of a logo
A concept of the logo chosen by you will be developed until your final approval and will be the main element for the development of a subsequent corporate identity and a brand book.
Development of the guidelines
In order for you to understand how to properly use a developed corporate identity, we will create for you a full guideline that will help you to understand and further use stylistic components of your brand for the future needs.
A Brand book
A brand book is a collection of all of the visual and stylistic components of your brand, and it will also store your original style guidelines and rules for any visual needs.
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