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Опубликовано: 03.09.2019

Material design - What is it? Let's figure it out!

Material design - What is it? Let's figure it out!
Material design - What is it? Let's figure it out!

Material design is a modern direction in web design developed by the famous company Google. The essence of this style is that it does not use various details in design and “additional decorative” - which went out of fashion in the late 00s. 

Material is based on simplicity of visual perception and convenient interface. Don't think that Material design is so simple and uncompromising. On the contrary, it has undergone many changes in recent years.

The main criteria that are included in the design of Material design:

1. Shadows - In order to achieve a visual volume, Material design actively uses shadows to achieve this effect.

2. User interactivity - In the Material design, almost every element is aimed to interact with the user and because of the convenience of this style, the user can easily understand how the web elements are working.

3. Saturated colours - Solid, saturated colours are what distinguish this style from other styles. Even newfangled gradients are not allowed to be used in the Material design.

4. Typography is the basis of everything! - Typography is always important but in Material design, it comes as the main element for conveying the information on a web page.

5. Minimalism and convenience - It is important that a website or application can be conveniently used and minimalism in Material design helps us to achieve it.

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Material design primarily focuses on user interaction and the visual design of content. When you work with this style, it is important to remember that the simpler it is - the better it is!

Today Material is the main direction in web design and you should take it into account when creating the design for your future website.

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