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Опубликовано: 28.08.2019

Web-design Trends in 2019

Web-design Trends in 2019
8 Web-design trends in 2019

It seems like this week for us is about trends and anti-trends in the web and design industry. We have already discussed with you the web design anti-trends in 2019. Today we want to talk about the trends. 

Here are the key trends in 2019 which you just have to know if you are linked with the creative field.

1. Soft gradients

The gradients have been popular for around the last 5 years. Most likely, this trend will remain for many years to come. But the gradients can be different. This year's trend is the use of soft and muted shades in the gradient. The biggest trend today is the two-color gradients.

2. 3D elements

Simple elements with the help of properly created shadows can become a very powerful weapon in the hands of a designer. People pay attention to voluminous things because they look unusual. 3D Elements is a 100% the trend of 2019.

2. Minimalism

Laconicism and the easy of perception is what should become the basis of design for many years to come. White background, the absence of unnecessary elements - all of this will stay relevant in the industry of design. A minimalistic design can look more advantageous than a sophisticated design. Facts!

4. Doodles

Simple shapes, crosses, circles, wavy lines, stars - all of those give a design some kind of charm and playfulness. These design elements are able to attract the attention of your audience.

5. The colour of 2019 - Panton

There is a number 1 colour in the entire web design industry - The Panton colour. It is a gradient with a combination of blue and purple. Together, they create a rich ultraviolet-neon color that can attract anyone! 

6. Unique photographs

People began to appreciate live photos. Perhaps they are not as good in terms of composition and lighting as stock photos, but what makes them good is that they provide a live feeling, something trustful for the audience. Don't forget that such photographs should be taken with a professional camera to get a quality picture.

7. Illustrations

High-quality and interesting illustrations with a certain plot will definitely catch a user's eye. Nowadays, illustrators are capable of drawing some truly inspirational things which you can use on your website.

8. Typography

Volumetric fonts are a great alternative to photographs and illustrations in design. High-quality typography can not only look beautiful on your website but it also can translate a strong message to your audience. Typography has always been, is and will be in trend.

Do not be afraid to experiment and create beautiful designs. The worst thing you can do in business is being like everyone else around you.

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