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Опубликовано: 20.02.2019

What is a business identity and what it's used for?

What is the company’s identity?
Identity is a unique style of a company and the visual component of the brand or enterprise. Corporate identity is created with the aim of attract customers. Identity is a collection of the elements that are created by a company in order to create a certain image in the eyes of their customers.
It helps to make the brand more recognisable and popular.

An identity includes every visual aspect of a company, from a logo to business cards. All of these visual aspects help to form one image of the entire brand. An identity includes several components that help create a most unique brand.

The first component is the name and the slogan of a brand. Bright, laconic and catchy name, memorable and original slogan - this is the way for a successful promotion of a company. Do not be afraid to be original and creative because this is what distinguishes you from your competitors. Also, one of the most important components of identity is a logo.

At the same time, a logo must meet certain requirements: be concise and minimalistic, not overloaded with information; should be well remembered and remain in memory for a long time; must comply with the standard specifics of your industry.

An important role in component identity is played by corporate identity. The colours of your website, type of font used, the entire visual component of your brand create a unique corporate identity through which your brand will not be confused with your competitors.

What should happen in the end and what to expect from a successful and correctly built identity?

Professionally built identity allows you to:

  1. Create the most positive first impression for the client.
  2. Increase conversion on your website.
  3. Create a unique and memorable design.
  4. Make the company stand out from the competitors.
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