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Опубликовано: 05.09.2019

What is a UI - user interface?

What is a UI - user interface?
UI design

People often confuse the concepts of UI and UX. Let's find out the difference between those two concepts and why they are so important in web development.

Today we will discuss the meaning of User Interface.

A good interface must evoke pleasant emotions from the user while he is interacting with a website or mobile app.

A user always pays attention to the largest objects in the design structure. Knowing this factor helps experienced designers to masterfully redirect the attention from one design element to another.

In order to create a great user interface, the whole structure must be aligned. The Bootstrap grid can help designers to create an aligned horizontal structure. The vertical sequence of your website must also be structured. For example, if you have already used a distance of 100 pixels from one block to another, then you should use the same distances in the other blocks of your website. Otherwise, the violation of the sequence has a bad effect on the visual perception of the interface.

Always remember that the convenience of your website in the number one priority for your users!

In the next article, we will examine the meaning of UX - User Design.

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