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Опубликовано: 10.09.2019

What is UX or user-experience?

What is UX or user-experience?
UX design

In the last article, we've discussed what UI (user interface) is and we've identified its main features to understand what it means.

Today, we want to figure out with you what does UX mean.

In fact, the meaning behind the term "user experience" is not as hard as it might sounds like. UX is what the user feels while interacting with your application, website or another digital or physical product.

UX allows users to experience the convenience of interactivity and navigation on a website. If your website has a well-designed UX, then it's more likely that a client will be more loyal to your brand and will stay with you for the long term.

UX design is the creation of useful and easy-to-use products.

It is very important that a user gets the best user experience from a web resource, for example from a website. A user should feel that developers and designers have thought about him while creating the website to make his interaction more fun and useful. Your user doesn't have to search for the necessary information for several minutes, otherwise, the user experience on your website is at the very low level. Websites are made by people and for people, so creating a quality UX is actually an art.

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