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Опубликовано: 30.04.2019

Why is the design cost so expensive

Why is the design cost so expensive
The design should not suffer due to the budget constraints.

Often clients with low-budget projects can contact us and most web studios either blindly just start working on the project to get the money from the client, or they don’t even have a further conversation and they don’t try to explain the reason to the client why the service costs more than customer could imagine in his head. Both actions by the web studio are incorrect and unprofessional.

It is worthwhile to understand in detail what a client wants, what goals he follows, what kind of a website the client wants to achieve and what he expects to receive in the end from the new design. Perhaps the client is simply unaware of the prices on the market and calls the value simply out of his head, having no idea if he is right or not in terms of the value he represents. And this is absolutely fine. The client doesn't have to know all the prices on the market. This does not mean that the client is not ready to pay for the quality of the work. Therefore, it is important to explain everything in details, tell him and show why the work costs as it costs.

Do not do any additional work for free and do not promise more than you can do within the budget. Such moments should be discussed with a client in advance so that in the future there will be no misunderstandings and overall cooperation goes smoothly, as pleasantly as possible for both parties.

Work with a minimum and limited budget is not always rosy. Not only for performers but also for the clients themselves. The fact is that often many web studios do low-cost work only if it is developed on a template and usually those templates have been used by thousands of other companies. This is how you can lose your business identity and originality. Such work will not bring you anything except a hole in the budget and a small number of leads to your website. Good results and high-quality design can not be cheap, but compared to what you can get from a completed website in the future, your investments will seem absolutely scanty and most profitable both for you and for your business, since your sales will go up significantly, and loyalty to your brand will increase.             

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