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Опубликовано: 16.09.2019

Why prototyping is so important?

Why prototyping is so important?
Prototyping in web development

Prototyping is a very important aspect in the whole web development process, if not the most important.

Before web-designer proceeds to develop a website's prototype, he is obliged to analyze the aspects of the project's theme and study the pros and cons of the competitors.

Prototyping helps to create a website's structure, place its main blocks and the navigation between the web pages. This stage allows you to work gradually so that a client can perfectly understand how the structure of a web-product will look at the final stage of the development.

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Because of the prototyping stage, it is possible to quickly identify the shortcomings in the website's layout and quickly eliminate them. A prototype is the skeleton of a website which allows you to quickly make various adjustments to improve the UI/UX components.

During the prototyping stage, a web-designer creates a static layout of a web-page, in which all of the future web elements are located, such as: header, footer, photographs, texts, buttons, triggers and etc.

Remember - a good prototype is 70% of a successful result in the whole web development process.

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