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Опубликовано: 21.02.2019

The best ways to promote your website

The best ways to promote your website
How can I promote my website?
Imagine your company has a wonderful, new website. The logo, the overall design, the name and the slogan are ready, and then what? How to make your website look through a large number of people, how to increase conversion? First of all you need to figure out what is a website promotion and most importantly - why do you need it?

Even if the website is well made, full of useful and interesting information, this does not mean that it will become popular. Website promotion is a set of certain measures, the task of which is ultimately to increase conversion on the website due to the attendance of potential target visitors.

Website promotion includes several important aspects.

1. Analytics

Analysis of the behavior of visitors. How did your website's visitors found you? How often do people visit your website and how much time they spent on it? There are a lot of services that can help you in providing this information. One of them is Google Analytics - a service that collects and analyses data from various devices and digital tools. The system provides reports in the visual form and it can be customised for your business as it will be more convenient.

2. SEO

The set of actions to develop a website, change its environment to analyse user's behavior. It is aimed at improving existing positions on target queries in search engines, as well as obtaining good positions on new queries of interest. The search promotion works include: analysing statistics of search queries, compiling a list of promoted requests, internal optimisation, external optimization, traffic tracking, improvement of behavioral factors.

3. Usability

The convenience of a website to use. How easy and convenient it is to use a website and its interface? How effective is it and how well is it remembered? Usability includes user satisfaction from interaction with a website. The main goal of usability is to create the most convenient website, in order for a user to do an action you need and regularly visit you again.

4. Advertising

Focus on the users that may be interested in your products. The principle of advertising is simple: you create and customise ads with certain keywords. People who enter these words in the search bar have a chance to find and click on your ads.

5. SMM
Вид продвижения вебсайта , маркетинг в социальных сетях. Комплекс действий с использованием социальных сетей как ресурса для продвижения вашего продукта. Основной упор в данном виде продвижения делается на создании продукта, который люди смогут распространять через социальные сети. Продвижение в социальных сетях дает возможность точечно воздействовать на целевую аудиторию, выбирая площадки , в которых эта аудитория больше всего представлена.

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