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Опубликовано: 02.12.2020
Web technologies

6 Steps to create a website

6 Steps to create a website

To create a website of your dream you need to follow 6 basic steps. To develop a website that will bring lots of sales you will need a designer, developer/programmer, SEO specialist, project manager, and some people from the client’s side. Yes, everyone is involved in this exciting process.


Before starting any website, you need to be really prepared and gain some information about the project that you are working on. The first step is to complete a brief with some related questions that will help you with your website development. Ask your client everything you need, so that you know how to execute the project. 


After you have gained all the information needed, you can start prototyping the UI/UX layouts. It may sound easy, but it is one of the hardest and the most important stages of the whole web development process. Creating a logical structure is even harder than creating a beautiful design on your website so make sure you put a good amount of effort at this stage and that you have the right specialist to develop a good structure for your future website.


Everyone wants their website to look outstanding and that is why you need a good web designer. Usually, the person who does the prototyping continues to work on the design. A good designer knows how to keep a good structure and to create a unique design at the same time.


When all the design layouts are ready, the designer passes them to a web developer who starts using HTML, CSS, JS to create website layouts. A web developer needs to make sure that a website looks just like on the design layouts. He also needs to make the website to be cross-browser and cross-platform so that it displays well on all modern browsers and devices.


Programming is an especially important stage where a web developer needs to create the right functionality according to the website’s needs and put it on the developed layout. Usually, programmers are using well-known CMS such as WordPress, OpenCart, and Bitrix but sometimes they need to program themselves the things that are absent in the chosen CMS modules.


SEO is what keeps your website breath. One person or a team of SEO specialists are working on a website’s content to bring new users from the searching engines such as Google and Yandex. SEO content needs to be original and interesting for the readers.

Well, obviously this is a very rough explanation about the whole website development process but those are the basics that you need to know if you are planning to create a professional website that will bring you clients and sales. Good luck with your web development path.

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