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Опубликовано: 03.09.2019
Web technologies

Quiz - what is it and why it's a good idea?

Quiz - what is it and why it's a good idea?
Quiz - what is it and why it's a good idea?

A quiz is a short test to identify the needs of the user on the website. The questions and answers can be very different, and they only depend on the topics and needs of the business. The simpler and more specific the questions are, the more likely it is that a user will complete the whole quiz.

Let's dive in into the details.

By installing a quiz on your website, you can significantly increase the conversion on your website. The fact is that the client states his needs while answering the questions from a quiz. In allows the sales department to increase the chance of closing the deal with the client.

By using a quiz on your website it is easier to collect the contact information from your visitors because they have already answered several questions and it is most likely that they will leave the contact details for the further consultation.

A quiz is able to increase your website's conversion by 10-30%.

Sounds GREAT, doesn't it? People are more likely to undergo a short survey that will help them in their problem, rather than will contact a specialist to discuss a specific inquiry.

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