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Опубликовано: 21.02.2019

What is a landing page and why do you need it?

What is a landing page and why do you need it?
What is a landing page?

A landing page is a one-page type of a website that potential customer access to after clicking on an advertising banner, a link on social media or as a result of a Google search. To be precise, a landing page is an ideal type of a website, the main task of which is to promote and sell a product or a particular service.

Also, one of the tasks of a landing page is to collect the contact information of the target audience. A landing page is a quite popular type of website and they are widely used on marketing, due to the fact that this type of website is quite unique. If a traditional website has many goals and objectives, a landing page has only one task — a call from a visitor and his purchase. This type of task restriction allows a landing page to be incredibly efficient and in-demand among specialists.

Landing page goals can be very different. From recording a webinar to subscribing to news updates online.

Why a landing page is necessary for a selling enterprises?

Landing pages are incredibly popular in the promotion of goods or services due to the fact that they are developed to increase the conversion rate in the most profitable way.

Key components of an effective landing page

1.Main title

The purpose of the main title is to attract a customer and convince him that your product deserves his attention. Optimise your headline and make sure that your page goes through as many potential customers as possible.

2. Subtitle

The subtitle reveals and continues a theme of the main title. It is not always a mandatory part of a landing page but most often, the subtitle is used as a tool to specify the idea of the main title.

3. Unique selling proposition

All of the information of your landing page should answer the following questions: Why is your product or service better than a competitor's product? Why does your product deserves attention? The text should be concise, simple and accurate. Prove to a client that he needs your product, that he is better than others and that it is unique.

4. Trust indicators

Establish a trusting relationship with your client, convince him that you can and should be trusted. Use more statistics and facts (making sure in advance that they are correct and accurate); your customer's logos and photographs (if they allow you to use them); reviews of the real buyers of the goods; privacy policy.

5. Main button

The main button on a landing page should call for an action. It is important to make the main button the most visible and expressive element on your website. Use contrasting colors and personalised phrases to catch the users attention.

6. Lack of navigation menu

In case of a landing page a navigation menu will only distract the client from content on the web page.

7. Visual component (Images and videos)

Demonstrating themed photos helps to increase the conversion and creates the trust effect.

8. Capture form.

It is the most important element for converting visitors. It should be accurate, clear and not asking for extra data, but only those that you need for further work with the client.

If you are an entrepreneur and have your own company or a business, it is strongly recommended that you consider creating a good landing page as a tool for a better promotion and sales of your product.

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