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Опубликовано: 11.03.2019

Why do you need a multipage website?

Why do you need a multipage website?
When do you need a multipage website

If you have a company with a wide field of activities, a large product line or a big case of services, you work in various directions, then a multipage website is a perfect choice for you. A multipage website is an Internet resource consisting of several pages logically linked. It should be voluminous and informative. This type of website can be promoted by using SEO services. The main purpose of the content - a full presentation of the business and its product.

The presence of this type of website indicates a high status and seriousness of a company. Its task is to “catch” potential customers that form a thematic query in search engines and keep them as long as possible. A multipage website should be informative and interesting to a consumer. A correct multipage must consist of the following sections:

  • Home Page - This is the face of your company in the online space. Here you need to place the most valuable and important information about the activities of your company and your competitive advantage. The main task is to attract, interest and retain the attention of the client.
  • About company / About us - On this page, you can set out in detail the history of your business, what certificates and licenses you hold, awards and achievements received, what plans and goals you have set, what mission you are carrying out. In general, this is the place where you can fully describe yourself.
  • Catalog / Services - The section must be filled with your product or services, with detailed descriptions and colourful photos. For example, if you are engaged in the construction of wooden country cottages, then list the projects of finished cottages, their configurations, what construction material you are using to create them and delivery dates of the objects.
  • Contacts - Here you need to put full information about how to contact you. Phone numbers, e-mail address, links to pages in social media, addresses of retail outlets and self-collection points, and the actual address of your office with a location on the map. The more information you provide about yourself, the more trust you will receive from the consumers.
  • Blog - Don't forget about your blog activity. This will give you the opportunity to share the news with your customers, chat with them, answer questions that are relevant to them.
  • Partners - Tell us about famous or large companies that were among your customers. This will indicate the impeccable reputation of your organisation.
  • Reviews - Filling this section with reviews from real people and companies will help you to attract customers. This has been checked by time and experience: people believe in an opinion of ordinary people more than hands-free advertising of the seller.

Nowadays, a website is the main mechanism for business promotion. Therefore, if you want to keep up with the time and be competitive on the market, then you can not do it without a multipage website.

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