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Design Landing page - Alcostop

Design Landing page - Alcostop

Help in the treatment of alcoholism

We were approached by a company that helps people with alcohol addiction to overcome this problem and start life from scratch.

Our task was to develop a landing page design that would convey all the necessary information about the treatment, the information about the company and the consequences of not receiving proper treatment.
We highlighted the harsh realities of how alcoholism can ruin people's lives, ruin families, careers, and self-confidence. The website contains such blocks as information about the treatment center, stages of treatment, treatment results, prices, Q&A, contacts.




Website design

We have used a green and white color scheme in our design. The photos on the website show both sad reality and positive emotions after treatment and alcohol withdrawal.


The adaptation of design

We designed a mobile version of the website since more than 60% of traffic on the Internet goes through mobile devices. Mobile design is made so that the user can comfortably perceive and interact with the information.

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