E-commerce website design - ITC Market

E-commerce website design - ITC Market


TC Market is the company which is dealing with luxury clothing, perfume, accessories and cosmetics. Also, ITC company is engaged with the international financial holding and dealing with prestige cottage villages building company in the Moscow region as those companies were established by the same founder.

Our web-studio perfectly knows how important it is to have a high-quality design in order to increase a website's conversion and sales. Our aim was to create a laconic and stylish website design that will whelp the potential clients to keep their attention on the brand's products.


ITC Market



We have analysed all of the client's requests and all of the company's advantages to take the task on and start the developing of the future design.

We decided to use a minimalistic white background and bright, contrast photographs on the website. The focus on the photographs is used in order to make the user experience more smooth and satisfying. For these reasons, our designer has made a decision to develop a discreet but a comfortable and modern website interface, which allows to achieve a fast navigation.



To attract more customers we decided to create a blog with news and articles on the website and also it is beneficial for the future SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

After creating a minimalistic and stylish website design, we have also created the design for portable and mobile devices, as nowadays around 60% of the internet traffic is coming from mobile and portable devices.

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