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Landing page design-MEN'S CONFERENCE

Landing page design-MEN'S CONFERENCE

Landing page
for men‘s conference

RMES and MCPIR company union have contacted us to us for a selling landing page design with the aim of special male audience involvement.

The main idea of this conference is to help men in their personal growth, their own business formatting and relationship building with women. Our web studio task was to visually demonstrate the benefits which this conference participants get. Also, we needed to show the events, special guests and speakers.




and the logo

Our designer has developed a corporate style from scratch and made an accent on the triangles and gradient colors which have made the design more original and attractive. In addition, our graphic designer has developed a special logo and stand-up banner in the background of which conference participants have performed.



Raspberry-purple gradient and white color represent the basic colors of the website. The Purple represents stability, confidence, and success. The contrast of the respberry color creates a harmonious combination which makes potential client eye pleased.



Furthermore, the chart with all of the possible tickets purchases options of this event is provided on this website. Each man can decide and choose by his own what kind of conference type is better for him, conference attendance or online participation.

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