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Mobile app - 100 SERVICES

Mobile app - 100 SERVICES


Our client asked us to create a design and UI/UX interface for a new mobile platform in Kazakhstan.

The application called “100 services” is a unique tool for searching for various specialists in all kinds of services.
Furthermore, this application gives people an opportunity to earn on the provision of their own services. From massage to repair work or renting unique transports.

Our team had the task to make the most user-friendly interface so that the client could easily interact with it, and as a result, get a positive experience by using the application.
In the “100 services” mobile application there are a lot of different functions, for example, the users can chat among themselves through a specially built in the application's messenger.


“100 services”



In addition, each user has his own profile page in which anyone can see feedback, read a brief description of the user and see a list of the services that the user provides.

As part of the design, it was decided to use a juicy red colour which in psychology is associated with a sign of courage, passion and a call to action. As well, a graphical character on the scooter was added as a symbol and mascot of the application.

The convenient navigation and a search of the necessary services for the user was invented by filtering the categories and by the geolocation on a mobile platform.
The side menu design allows the user to quickly navigate to the desired section of the application and not get lost in the interface.

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