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E-commerce portal - US PARTS

E-commerce portal - US PARTS


The company Us-Parts, which sells the auto parts from American, European and Korean cars in the city of Moscow needed a new turnkey e-commerce website for better sales. After listening to all of their requests and needs, our web-designer began to create a layout design for the future website.

The final design of the website looks very classic and user-friendly. The designer decided to use calm and soft colours. The website’s palette is consists of yellow in ocher, a deep blue and vanilla white.



After creating a unique and memorable design, the work was passed into the hands of our programmer who has turned the designer's idea into reality.

After creating a unique and memorable design, the work was passed into the hands of our programmer who has turned the designer's idea into reality.
Our client has wished the design to resemble the feel of freedom with the sunset while conveying the American atmosphere.
CMS (Content Management System) Bitrix was chosen to create this website. Full synchronization with 1C. Placement of several catalogs with the spare parts of different directions. The high degree of protection against hacking and DDoS; Ease of management and content of the website. The website contains a catalog of spare parts developed directly by Us-Parts. This catalog is optimal for the Russian market.



In addition to the catalog, Us-Parts has integrated a general classification for all of the brands and models. Our programmer has developed a complete system of selection of spare parts, taking into account the brands and models of the cars. In addition, the spare parts search by VIN number was developed. If the client could not find a necessary part, he can use the “selection by VIN” form and the managers will select the spare part at the best price and terms.



A system was developed for storing cars in the "garage" so that the client has the ability to quickly pick up parts and see the list of parts for maintenance. Also, a client has the opportunity to sign up for a car repair immediately. The website contains informational pages about payments, delivery methods, returns, promotions, and news to keep abreast of the latest events from the world of cars.

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