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Online portal – Lgotaru.ru

Online portal – Lgotaru.ru

Online portal for benefits search

The development of a multifunctional website - a turnkey online portal for finding and purchasing various benefits for a wide variety of sectors of society on the territory of the Russian Federation.



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Usability comes first

The development began with studying the target audience, competitors and creating an interactive prototype to demonstrate the user interface. Since there is a high probability that pensioners will seek benefits, it was very important to develop such an interface so that even elderly people could intuitively understand how to find the benefits they needed.

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Website stylistics

The design of the website is made in a very airy color scheme and, in general, everything is done in such a way that nothing distracts from the search for the benefit or other information the user needs.

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Technical side of the project

This project includes a very interesting technical part and functionality of the website, which includes:

  • Multi-regionality system
  • Selection of relevant benefits depending on the selected region
  • Auto region detection system
  • Tracking system for the relevance of documents purchased by clients
  • System of subscriptions for changes in preferential categories
  • Deep integration with the Yookassa payment system
  • Custom system for importing data into the content management system
  • Personal account with a list of purchased benefits and subscriptions
  • Automatic sending of documents for the purchased benefit
  • Authorization of users through VK, Yandex, Odnoklasskini.ru.

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Integration and adaptation

The website has been integrated into the WordPress management system for convenient use by the customer. Furthermore, the website works great and is displayed on a variety of mobile devices and on all modern browsers so that users do not have any problems accessing the website.

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