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Turnkey e-commerce website - NEONSPORT

Turnkey e-commerce website - NEONSPORT


NeonSport is the company that owns a sports equipment store with a different variety of exercise simulators, from running tracks to gym clippers. They have contacted us with a request to create an e-commerce website which is specialised in sports products and training devices, in order to increase their sales.

After a detailed analysis of the company's competitors and all of the advantages of NeonSport, our web-designer began the creation of the future e-commerce website layout.





Our designer has decided to use a discreet palette of blue and white as the chosen colour palette represents a soothing atmosphere without making a user's eyes getting tired while watching the web pages.

When our designer has finished with the design of the website, we have passed the design layout to the programmer so he could develop a full-fledged working website.



For the client's comfort, we put the store's working hours, contact information as well as the phone call request on the website. The website is using the CMS OpenCart which allows to easily update the products in the catalog and to make a different variety of other changes on the website.

The programmer has placed the cart on the website in order to easily select the wished products, as well as a smart calculator that helps to compare several products with each other to choose the best one. Also, our developer has added different varieties of payment methods. The website has a section with news and articles, which helps to promote the website by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To achieve the customer's trust and loyalty, a page with real reviews of the satisfied customers has been added.

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