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Turnkey landing page - A7 Logistics

Turnkey landing page - A7 Logistics

Competitor’s analysis

A7 Logistics contacted us with a request to create a unique turnkey landing page for running a logistics business. The main advantage of the company is that they work with many European countries. We conducted an analysis of competitors, looked at their strengths and weaknesses.

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UI/UX Prototyping

Designing a unique website structure always starts from development of a prototype. After the website prototype was successfully approved by the client, we have started to work on design.

The main criteria was to preserve the brand recognition of a company.

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Unique design

When our design was approved, our web developer began to create a website by using HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP languages. We also developed an online form so that users could easily contact the company or make a request for a service.

Now the company "A7 Logistics" successfully conducts its business through a modern and unique website.

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