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Turnkey landing page and website Alemar Lex

Turnkey landing page and website Alemar Lex

Your personal lawyer

When we were developing this website for the law company, we have adhered to the official tone in the color scheme of design and focused on maximum clarity of services for the potential clients. That is why the visitor will spend a minimum amount of time on this website to get all the necessary information needed.


The website
for the best

The website provides a full range of services. The visitor can get acquainted with the real reviews of existing customers of the company to make sure that Alemar Lex will be able to solve their problems by 100%.

The “Questions” block helps to find the answers to the most common questions that a potential client may have. The Blog contains unique copyright articles about the legal topics from the Alemar Lex's specialists.


Landing page

Our web-studio has developed a separate landing page for Alemar Lex. The landing has been developed in the same scenario as the main website. Instead of creating a standard description of the services, we have developed a concept for turning all of the visitors into the potential customers of the company by the high conversion rate. We have shown the main advantages over the competitors and described in detail the stages of debt relief. Also, we have provided information about the benefits that a client will receive from the implementation of this service.

We have explained the benefits that you can get after the debts relief and what might happen to you if you will do no actions to solve this problem. The “FAQ” block was developed on the landing page to help the users to find the right answers and the "Customer review" block helps to get more trust.

In conclusion, we did a series of work aimed to transform an offline business into online business and we made a huge leap in increasing the traffic.


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