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Turnkey landing page - INTL MOVERS

Turnkey landing page - INTL MOVERS


Intl Movers company transports the personal belongings of people, helping them move from one country to another for a permanent residence.

This company turned to us for a help in developing a landing page, since their old website was pretty outdated. Our team began to analyse the market and compared the websites of the competitors in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses.



After a detailed analysis, we came to the conclusion that the main problem of the websites in a subject of transportation is the ability for the user to easily find the necessary information and calculate the cost of the transportation, for comparison purposes. The sequence of blocks and presentation of information are arranged so that the user receives all the important information in parts, in order to avoid overloading the mind with a large amount of information.

The website produced special 'call to action' blocks to increase the conversion. The basis of the website design was taken by the company's corporate identity and their brand colours - white and blue. For the call to action buttons, we decided to use orange as it is the most contrasting to blue for getting the customer's attention, which psychologically positively influences the conversion of the website.



A unique layout of the landing page was integrated into the well-known CMS (Content Management System) WordPress so that the client could make changes on the landing page independently after the completion of the project. In addition to the website, we also developed a unique logo for this company, a case analysis to which you can look at this link

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