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Turnkey landing page – Mentor Trade

Turnkey landing page – Mentor Trade

The website for traders

The new landing page for our client has turned out to be very large-scale. Consisting of 15 unique sections, each of which is aimed at selling the course for traders by using the chain of profitable offers.


Mentor Trade

Mentor trade 2.jpg

Design process

The design turned out to be very unusual, with the large presence of graphical elements, such as illustrated mountains, clouds, and mountain climbers. The design of the website fully conveys the analogy with mountaineering, where the financial chart is a mountain, and a trader is a climber who climbs up to his financial success.

Mentor trade 3.jpg

Adaptive web development

Even though the landing page consists of 15 informative sections, with the use of tables that are usually not easy to be adapted, we have managed to successfully adapt the whole website to mobile and tablet devices.

Mentor trade 4.jpgMentor trade 5.jpg

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