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Turnkey Landing page TIME SERVICE

Turnkey Landing page TIME SERVICE


In the shopping centre from the Russian city Saransk opened a new and first-of-its-kind watch workshop specialising in the repair of Swiss watches.

Swiss watches are the symbol of luxury, as well as an exceptional taste and it can convey a fact in an instant - the carrier of Swiss watches knows his values.

Our team has faced the challenge of developing a landing page that can convey a reverent approach to luxury Swiss watches.

The work was divided into 5 different stages of development: a detailed analysis of the market; prototyping; development of the modern design; layout development; website adaptation to various mobile devices and a CMS (Content Management System) WordPress integration.



After a detailed analysis of the companies in a similar niche of luxury Swiss watches, our web-designer came with a conclusion that the website should be minimalistic, luxurious and most importantly - it has to look expensive.

At the prototyping stage, he has created a framework for the website and also discussed the convenience of the developed interface with our client.

We have initially knew that the watch workshop should have a lot of "air space" between the website elements.

The main tonality is made of black colour in order to emphasise the luxury and elegance effects.

Also, at the design stage, we used white and red colours in order to emphasise the attention to the fact that this store is only working with the Swiss watches.

The watch workshop provides a wide range of services for users, from battery replacement to polishing.



The workshop provides assistance in checking the tightness, adjusting the bracelet watches and many other services for their clients.

We have developed a diagram for the customers to demonstrate the stages of the interaction with the service.

The great advantage of this store is the possibility to have your watches repaired absolutely for free if your watches are insured. To achieve the "WOW" effect, our designer decided to put a video on the first screen of the page which demonstrates the process of repairing the watches.

We have created a concise and elegant design but at the same time, it looks catchy, due to the dynamics that occur on the first screen of the page.



When the client fully approved the final design, we passed the layout of the future website to our programmer so that he could develop the design layout as accurately as possible and turn the designer's idea into reality.

Our programmer gave the landing page a progressive and connected auxiliary widget called JivoSite for the communication, which was done to increase the conversion on the website.

The developer has created a responsive web page according to the adaptive layouts which were developed by our web-designer.

The final step in the development was the integration of the website into the WordPress control system so that our client has an opportunity to make changes on the website. For example, he can now replace texts or photos, as well as the ability to add additional services to the service section by himself.

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