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Turnkey landing page - YUNA

Turnkey landing page - YUNA

International Korean
Language Center

Yuna is engaged in education in the field of linguistics. They have contacted us for help in creating a unique website - Yuna School of the Korean language.



The design of the website is made in bright and cheerful colours, which gives a full association with modern Korean culture. Our designer decided to abandon the classic symbols of Asian culture, such as dragons and fans, since we wanted to focus on the modern culture of Korea. Wave patterns with polka dots also help to create an association with something carefree, simple, fun and joyful and evoking only the positive emotions. We have used pastel colours, which allows clients not to be distracted from the important information on the website.



The website for Yuna School is a turnkey landing on the engine of CMS MODX. The main purpose of this website is selling the course program for interested users who want to learn the Korean language. The information on the website allows people to become better acquainted with this school and the layout contributes to an increase in conversion on the website in order to attract more potential clients.

At the last stage of development, the programmer has created a high-quality animation, which made the website more vivid and vibrant.

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