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Turnkey website - KNOM

Turnkey website - KNOM


KNOM is the company that is engaged in the construction of frame houses on special technology bases, different classical fixed formwork, and monolithic fills. The task was to create a unique, completely new turnkey website that could fully show what this company is making and why it is quality. Our work has included such stages as analysing the market of construction companies, prototyping the layouts, website design, programming, adapting the website for mobile devices of various sizes and integrating the entire website into the WordPress control system.





Our designing team has discussed all of the wishes and nuances of the work and they have created a prototype for the future website design layout.

The website is made in the style of minimalism, with the addition of colourful and vivid photos that help to visually understand what this company can provide. The website uses the brand colours of the company, which are white, green and orange.



The website provides a catalog of houses of various complexity with various technologies of construction and configurations. A potential owner of a new home can choose the equipment he needs, for example, exterior trim options or replacement of the foundation.

The calculator specially designed by our programmer allows the user to calculate the exact cost of the whole house, depending on the equipment he chose.

The website provides a lot of useful information that allows the customer to become better acquainted with the products of the company.

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