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Turnkey website – Russian United Capitals

Turnkey website – Russian United Capitals

The website, presentation, and identity

A large investment company “Russian United Capital” (LLC “RosKap”) is engaged in the development of state-significant infrastructure and social projects. Our task was to develop a new website, presentation, and several elements of corporate identity

During our personal meeting with the client, we discussed all the details of the future design and the technical sides. We wanted to develop a modern image for "Russian United Capital" and convey the main value that they provide for Russian governmental projects.

RosKap 2.jpg

The presentation of the information

The website displays information about national projects, funding methods, contacts, and more. The color scheme contains white, blue, and red (the colors of the Russian flag). The design itself is made in a minimalist style.

RosKap 3.jpg

The animation and dynamics

Our client had a request to add dynamics to the website, so we decided to add some animation. We have added a smooth animation of geometric shapes and the parallax effect. An adaptive version of the website for mobile devices was also created.

RosKap 4.jpg

The presentation

The presentation was designed in the same style as the website: the same color scheme, circles, minimalism, bright icons, and juicy photos. The presentation conveys the main information about the company in more detail. It includes the activities of the company, its goals, and objectives. The presentation can be downloaded directly from the website in PDF format.

RosKap 5.jpg

Corporate identity

The last stage in our work was to create a design for the physical elements of the company's corporate identity.

RosKap 6.jpg

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