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Опубликовано: 28.08.2019

SEO or Search Engine Optimization in 2019

SEO or Search Engine Optimization in 2019
SEO or Search Engine Optimization - tips for 2019

What kind of benefits will SEO bring to you?

It will help you to get an organic traffic on your website and the visitors will be more likely to become your customers. An undoubted advantage over competitors will be staying at the TOP-10 in high-frequency (HF) and mid-frequency (MF) in the key requests.

How does SEO work nowadays?

Today the search engines are self-taught and only guided by the developers of the search algorithms. If someone tells you that he knows how to raise you to the first position, he is blatantly lying. Therefore, promotion is a set of specific recommendations that must be done so that your website has the ability to rise in the issuance.

4 SEO DON’Ts for your website promotion

1. The text written for robots.

You should refuse to post content that is aimed directly to the lifeless audience (robots). This has never been working. It only worsens your position.

2. Purchasing the link mass.

Buying links is a pointless waste of money and time in 2019. Search engines will not take into account such links. You might get a sanctions from the search engine and later you will be removed from the search results.

3. Spam in comments and forums.

Most of the popular websites are using the nofollow links, which is the marker for the search engines about spam.

4. Artificial increase of the behavioral factors.

Manipulations with the artificial increase in the PF entail sanctions from the search engines. They know how to identify this type of advancement and they are completely against it.

Here is how we promote websites

The tips that will help you to raise on top in 2019?

1. Mobile-first.

You need a good mobile adaptation of your website, as 60% of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

2. Optimization of the internal work of your website.

Fast loading of your website is the key point in ranking the website and it helps to increase the usability.

3. Quality articles and news.

The better the article - the more response you get from your visitors. The better the behavioral factor is - the more likely the visitors will become your customers.

4. Website Usability.

Don't force the user closing 10 different pop-ups on your website to complete a certain action. Your visitor should enjoy staying on your website.

5. Posting articles on external resources.

Find the right source on your business theme and start posting your articles on their resource. It will help your clients to learn more about your brand and it will increase the traffic on your website.

In conclusion, we can state that making high-quality content, improving the usability of your website and its speed will raise you to the top positions and will bring you new sales.

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