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We have developed an identity and name for the company that repairs authentic Swiss watches in Saransk city, Russia.

We have also developed a website for this company, a case on which you can see at this link: Turnkey landing page Time-Servis

First of all, we have faced with the task of inventing a memorable and loud name that would perfectly convey the spirit of Swiss watches and we have tried many options, from “Exact Time” to “Watchmaker”, but ultimately we have decided to dwell on a "Time Service" title since it ideally suits the watch business.



After we came up with the name for the watch workshop, we have faced the task of developing a stylish logotype. At the stage of development, we have provided the client with several variations of the logo concepts and the client wanted the logo to be minimalistic and elegant at the same time.

After sketching and developing a number of new logo variations, our graphic designer focused on the variant, where the key elements are the letters "T" and "C". Also, our designer placed the decoding of this abbreviation in the logo. The logo is monochrome, which allows it to exist in any colour.



In addition, the company's branding also included the development of a special roll-up banner, brochure with the services list and a business card design.



The brochure was created by our graphical designer and it provides all the important information about the company, such as the list of services, the working stages, and contact details.



By adhering to the corporate identity generated by us, our designer has managed to make a stylish and unique business card that represents the necessary contact details for the customers.

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